6 Signs That You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar.

1. Brain Fog: A condition in which your brain feels cloudy. The fog will make it difficult to focus, concentrate and remember things.
Because sugar causes blood
sugar to fluctuate, causing brain fog or fusion.

2. Head Ache: When the blood vessels constrict, you can experience a headache as s result of this.

3. Mood Swings: It’s not unusual to feel anxious or depressed.
But if the blood sugar levels are continually fluctuating as a result of high sugar intake, you can feel irritable in the interval between the peaks

4. Digestive problems: Sugary foods can lead to a build-up of bad bacteria in your intestines as a result of yeast

5. Constipation, gassing, bloating and IBS symptoms may result when your digestion is disturbed.

6. Pimples: Too much sugar in your diet can cause pimples and other skin problems. Sugar can trigger an increase in sebum output which can lead to acne break


Sugar is a compulsory element of everyone’s daily diet. But have you ever measured the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis? Dessert might be your favorite part of the meal but it increases your sugar intake tremendously. All the delicacies like cakes, cookies, chocolates, brownies, donuts and many more are all loaded with sugar. You might have heard the bad effects of consuming too much sugar. It puts you at an increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic illnesses. There are some clear signs that your body gives when you are consuming too much sugar. The warning warning signs can be a red signal for you to reduce your sugar intake.

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